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Law Office CITA CITRAWINDA NOERHADI & ASSOCIATES are committed to professionalism, and responsibility in assisting intellectual property owners who are committed to meeting global economic challenges suitably protected and fully informed. The office of CCN is adequately equipped with qualified professionals: Intellectual Property consultants, lawyers, attorneys & advocates, engineers, IT personnel and paralegals, who are ready to take care of every necessary individual action within the complex procedures involved in the management of intellectual property. These professionals are all at your service. They employ their experience and expertise, skills and talents to meet and overcome all challengers in the protection of intellectual property rights, advising clients in connection with the unfair competition laws, contractual agreements, as well as handling cases outside of intellectual property matters.

Our Team


We provide specific legal advice based on our search and investigation results and we assist you in all your intellectual property strategies. The search and investigation results we provide will be highly useful in supporting the further development of your business activities


The firm’s patent attorneys recognize the importance of working closely with clients to obtain a broad scope of protection for the clients’ inventions. This experience provides a solid foundation for dealing with complex legal issues involving technology, including the interpretation and enforcement of patent rights, validity and infringement opinion and litigation, in addition to the traditional tasks of writing and prosecuting applications to a successful conclusion. This wide –ranging foundation within CCN enables the firm to provide patent portfolio management covering Indonesia and countries throughout the world.


The firm’s patent, trademark, Industrial Design and Copyright division counsel and represent clients before the DGIPO, the Commission Appeal Board, and the courts in all aspects of patent, trademark, industrial design and copyrights. The division also assists clients in procuring trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs as well as establishing the trademark and design protection strategies around the world. The division provides clients with efficient and expedient trademark and design protection with a trademark specialist leading the division.

Patents, Trademarks,

Industrial Designs & Copyrights

IP Litigation 

The firm has a team of attorneys at law and paralegals who handle IP litigation. The attorneys have extensive experience in enforcing and defending client’s IP rights including Patents, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Copyrights and Industrial Designs before the Commercial Court and the Supreme Court as well as before first instance court (District Court). The litigation attorneys work together with the technical practice divisions as a team to effectively handle litigation and appeals. The firm provides representation to all areas of intellectual property practice in enforcing and defending a client’s IP rights and other civil and criminal cases outside intellectual property matters.


We prepare reliable statements and expert opinion regarding infringement cases and the IP registrability of applications.


Expert Opinion

We represent you a license and franchise negotiations and agreements on intellectual property to enable you to effectively  exploit your intellectual property right in Indonesia and overseas.



Exploitation of Rights

We adopt the most suitable measure for you to effectively defend your rights, such as warnings of infringements, filing litigations, settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and other measures may be taken in dispute cases.



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